Xamarin.iOS Binding for an Existing iOS Library with Objective Sharpie

These days a new phase has crept into my developer life and I call it “generating Xamarin.iOS binding for Objective-C libraries”. After tasting success by generating Xamarin C# binding of a Cocoapods iOS SDK using Objective Sharpie, a new request hoped-in from the MobileFirst Platform Foundation team. This time,the task is to generate Xamarin.iOS binding for Bluemix […]

Xamarin C# binding of a Cocoapods iOS SDK using Sharpie

After my endeavor with Xamarin.Android Bindings and Xamarin Apps with IBM MobileFirst, I received an interesting requirement from my colleague Chethan. He wants Xamarin C# binding of our IBM MobileFirst Foundation Objective-C APIs. I thought this is an opportunity to try something new and accepted the challenge. I immediately started exploring to find something called Objective Sharpie on […]

Integrating Xamarin apps with IBM MobileFirst Platform

This blog is all about integrating Xamarin apps with IBM MobileFirst Platform (MFP in short). If you observe the post title it talks about two important terms – Xamarin and IBM MobileFirst Platform. To keep it simple, Xamarin is a platform to Create native iOS, Android, Windows, and Mac apps in C#. IBM MobileFirst Platform, […]

Integrating MobileFirst Quality Assurance into Xamarin.Android app

It all started when I received an email seeking help on using MQA or to be more precise integrating MQA into Xamarin based android app. Before jumping into addressing the problem, let’s define MQA. What is MQA? MQA stands for MobileFirst Quality Assurance and is part of the IBM MobileFirst Platform. IBM MQA provides line […]