Xamarin.iOS Binding for an Existing iOS Library with Objective Sharpie

These days a new phase has crept into my developer life and I call it “generating Xamarin.iOS binding for Objective-C libraries”. After tasting success by generating Xamarin C# binding of a Cocoapods iOS SDK using Objective Sharpie, a new request hoped-in from the MobileFirst Platform Foundation team. This time,the task is to generate Xamarin.iOS binding for Bluemix […]

Xamarin C# binding of a Cocoapods iOS SDK using Sharpie

After my endeavor with Xamarin.Android Bindings and Xamarin Apps with IBM MobileFirst, I received an interesting requirement from my colleague Chethan. He wants Xamarin C# binding of our IBM MobileFirst Foundation Objective-C APIs. I thought this is an opportunity to try something new and accepted the challenge. I immediately started exploring to find something called Objective Sharpie on […]