Importing Visual studio Cordova project with Ionic and AngularJS into IBM MobileFirst

Let me start this post with a disclaimer that “Don’t panic by reading the post title”. It might look bit lengthy, but still summarises what we are trying to achieve here. Let me explain you in four steps, Creating a Cordova project with ionic and Angularjs in Visual Studio 2015. Creating a new MobileFirst Hybrid […]

BDotNet: Valentine with AngularJS

On Feb 14th,I had an opportunity to speak about AngularJS – the most happening MVW/MV* javascript framework by Google at Microsoft. I started by introducing what AngularJS is,how tough/easy to learn if you are from an OOPs background.Also,about SPA – Single Page application. Ironically,the meet was named as “Valentine with AngularJS”,which i carried in my […]