Gaming : Windows Universal Apps with Unity

We are pleased to announce the full support for Windows Phone 8.1 and Universal Windows Applications with the release of Unity 4.5.3. -Unity3d What are windows Universal Apps? At //Build 2014,Microsoft launched this new feature where you DEVELOP ONCE for all windows devices using a unified Windows runtime and VS tools that allow you to both … Continue reading “Gaming : Windows Universal Apps with Unity”

Unity,Android : Porting your unity game for testing

After a successful game release to Windows store ,I wanted to try with mobile platforms.I thought why can’t i port the same game (Bongo Soccer-200 downloads on win 8/8.1 as on today) to android? The issues i may face I have used an unity Terrain and a 3dMax goalpost in my game,which are heavy for a … Continue reading “Unity,Android : Porting your unity game for testing”

My First Game : Start to Store

It all started two months ago….. My ease for learning something new pushed me to start looking into Unity3D,One stop game engine with a motto of Develop once Deploy to any This part of my gaming life is called “WITH UNITY” Using Unity pro,i started learning the very basics.Each day it made me think,innovate and learn new … Continue reading “My First Game : Start to Store”

Unity : Animate your character using Mecanim

In the Legacy animation system(Before unity 4.0),we used to manually write code to control the animation.We were either using a animation.CrossFade(); or animation.Play().After the advent of unity 4.0 ,things changed drastically(in a positive way).Unity introduced something called MECANIM. Mecanim, Unity’s uniquely powerful and flexible animation system, brings your human and non-human characters to life with … Continue reading “Unity : Animate your character using Mecanim”

Unity and C# :Memory Management and Garbage Collection

Memory management is the art and the process of coordinating and controlling the use of memory in a computer system. Memory management can be divided into three areas: Memory management hardware (MMUs, RAM, etc.); Operating system memory management (virtual memory, protection); Application memory management (allocation, deallocation, garbage collection). Unity Supports automatic memory management,where you don’t have to bother about your … Continue reading “Unity and C# :Memory Management and Garbage Collection”

Unity : What and How

Unity is a game development ecosystem: a powerful rendering engine fully integrated with a complete set of intuitive tools and rapid workflows to create interactive 3D and 2D content; easy multiplatform publishing; thousands of quality, ready-made assets in the Asset Store and a knowledge-sharing community. -Unity3d Agreed! but for me unity is a game engine … Continue reading “Unity : What and How”