Swift 3.0 explained for C# Developers

Originally posted on February 02, 2016 | Modified to Swift 3.0 on October 01, 2016 Programming languages provide a way to communicate with a computer through notational instructions.Swift and C# are High-Level Languages commonly categorized under multi-paradigm and Compiled Programming languages. They not only fall into the same category of programming languages but also have … Read more Swift 3.0 explained for C# Developers

IBM Cloud Tools for Swift

Swift as a programming language is now available on Linux and that means we as developers can use it on servers in data centers and in cloud. For Developers interested in creating applications that span both Client and Server-side, We at IBM created an app called “IBM Cloud Tools for Swift” in short ICT. ICT … Read more IBM Cloud Tools for Swift

Swift on IBM Bluemix

IBM brings Swift to the cloud – IBM Bluemix. After my recent blog post – Swift for C# Developers, I was fortunate to deliver a bunch of sessions including “IBM MobileFirst for iOS Swift Developers” (Link)  for SwiftBLR (Swift Bengaluru) meetup group at IBM office over the weekend. Swift is the fastest growing programming language … Read more Swift on IBM Bluemix