Reboot : Come ONLINE

Ok!!! Interesting Post Title.Can you answer few of my questions


What is this Reboot ?

Ans : Let me answer your questions through images

Reboot 2015

Reboot 2015

Cool!!! Where is this happening and what do i learn from it ?

Ans : Two questions and here’s one answer

What is this ONLINE?

Ans : Every year we map our talks to a theme.This year its ONLINE.

Should i register for this ?

Ans : Yes you should.The link is 

What’s your role here ?

Ans : Hey !! I will be speaking on DocumentDB – NoSQL on Cloud .

Which City?

Ans : Trace and answer in the comments section below.

Don’t forget to keep a reminder and tweet using #RebootCamp2015. You can quote me too if you like, My Twitter Handle is @iAmVMac

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