Generate boilerplate code with Bluemix Developer Console

This post introduces you to Bluemix Developer Console; Patterns-first approach. Also, a quick and short intro to cloud native.This was presented at Great Indian Developer summit (GIDS),2017.

GIDS 2017

Presenting at GIDS 2017

What is Cloud Native?

Cloud native is a term describing software designed to run and scale reliably and predictably on top of potentially unreliable cloud-based infrastructure.

Cloud-native applications are purposefully designed to be infra‐ structure-unaware, meaning they are decoupled from infrastructure and free to move as required.

Why Bluemix Developer Console?

“A developer can now build out Cloud Native applications using our patterns-first approach.” You simply select the type of building block you’d like to create followed by which services you’d like to incorporate into your application (i.e., Cloudant database, WatsonConversation, Push Notifications). After choosing a language, the console will generate a starter project for you to download and edit, deploy locally or to Bluemix, and add more services. Not sure which pattern to choose? Here’s a short description of those available in our first release.

Mobile App –If you’re building a client-side mobile app, start with this pattern. This will enable you to easily integrate with mobile services like Push and Mobile Analytics, Data services like Object Store and Cloudant, and even add security using AppID. The starter will also give you the ability to easily connect with a backend starter.

Web App – If you’re building a client-side web app, start with this pattern. Depending on the pattern, you can download runnable code pre-baked with modern web technologies like gulp, sass, react, webpack, and more.

Backend for Frontend – If you’re implementing logic to support a mobile or web front end, start with this pattern. This pattern allows you to easily integrate with Data, Security and other Backend patterns.

Microservice –If you’re implementing server-side logic for a single function reusable by multiple clients, use this pattern to get your starter code. This will come with a pre-configured manifest.yml or Dockerfile, so you can run it as a CloudFoundry application or in a Docker container anywhere.

Where do I get started?

All this is possible on Bluemix, an open-Standards cloud platform from IBM.

Follow the video and generate code for your desired pattern.

On Youtube

On Vimeo

Generating starter code via Bluemix Developer Console from Vidyasagar MSC on Vimeo.

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Happy Coding!!! check other blog posts and post your comments.

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