MobileFirst Cordova app development using Eclipse

Talking to developers is always a refreshing experience.Recently, I was fortunate enough to present and interact at Eclipse Summit 2016. The talk was on how to build, run and manage MobileFirst Cordova app using Eclipse as your IDE.

MobileFirst Foundation Studio 8.0.0Using the Cordova CLI you can create and manage your Cordova applications. You can also achieve the same in the Eclipse IDE by using the THyM plug-in.

THyM provides support for importing and managing Cordova projects in Eclipse. You can create new Cordova projects, as well as import existing Cordova projects. You can also install Cordova plug-ins into your project through this plug-in.

The MobileFirst Studio plug-in for Eclipse exposes the various MobileFirst commands in the Eclipse IDE.
Specifically, it provides the following commands: Open Server Console, Preview App, Register App, Encrypt App, Pull App, Push App, Update App.

What is MobileFirst Studio?

IBM MobileFirst Platform enables developers/enterprises to build, enhance and continuously deliver mobile apps more efficiently. It can be used on-premises environment or as a cloud offering.

IBM MobileFirst Platform Studio (previously Worklight Studio), for eclipse is an award-winning, open standard mobile application platform for smartphones and tablets that helps you efficiently build, run, and manage mobile applications. It contains an embedded version of MobileFirst Server.


Be sure that you have the following prerequisites before you start the procedure:

• A Mars Java™ EE version of Eclipse, or later.

• Java JRE version 7, or later.

• Node.js version 4.x, or later.

• The Cordova command-line interface, version 6.1.1, or later.

• The IBM MFP Command Line Interface (CLI).

• An internet connection.



MobileFirst Commands

To access MobileFirst Foundation’s shortcuts right click the root project directory and navigate to IBM MobileFirst Foundation. Here you will be able to select from the following commands:

Menu option Action MobileFirst command-line interface equivalent
Open Server Console When the server definition exists, opens the console so you can view the actions of the specified server. mfpdev server console
Preview App Opens the app in the browser preview mode. Opens the app in the browser preview mode.
Register App Registers the app with the server that is specified in your server definitions. mfpdev app register
Encrypt App Runs the web resource encryption tool on your app. mfpdev app webencrypt
Pull App Retrieves the existing app configuration from the server that is specified in the server definition. mfpdev app pull
Push App Sends the app configuration of your current app to the server that is specified in the build definition so you can reuse it for another app. mfpdev app push
Updated App Packages the contents of the www folder in a .zip file, and replaces the version on the server with the package. mfpdev app webupdate
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