Integrating Xamarin apps with IBM MobileFirst Platform

This blog is all about integrating Xamarin apps with IBM MobileFirst Platform (MFP in short). If you observe the post title it talks about two important terms – Xamarin and IBM MobileFirst Platform.

To keep it simple, Xamarin is a platform to Create native iOS, Android, Windows, and Mac apps in C#. IBM MobileFirst Platform, formerly named Worklight, a mobile middleware that supports the development of HTML5, hybrid and native mobile applications.

IBM MFP enables you to build, enhance and continuously deliver mobile apps efficiently and effectively. It extends the development, delivery and management capabilities of IBM MFP Foundation with the addition of scalable data services, code scanning, quality assurance and geolocation support.

IBM MobileFirst Xamarin SDK

Xamarin and IBM bring cross-platform native apps to enterprise and C# developers.

With IBM and Xamarin, enterprises build native iOS and Android apps in Xamarin, leveraging the integration and security of the IBM MobileFirst Platform and IBM MobileFirst Protect.

IBM MobileFirst SDK for Xamarin

IBM MobileFirst Xamarin SDK

IBM MobileFirst Xamarin SDK

This blog talks about IBM MobileFirst SDK for Xamarin which lets enterprises and C# Developers combine their cross-platform native Xamarin apps with the power of the MobileFirst platform. Developers write their apps in C#, and seamlessly connect them to IBM MobileFirst’s data integration, notification, security, and analytics capabilities—all in C#, using IBM’s native libraries for iOS and Android.


Here’s a quick Video Walkthrough on how to setup Xamarin Studio to work with IBM MobileFirst Server

Integrating Xamarin Apps with IBM MobileFirst Platform from Vidyasagar MSC on Vimeo.

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