DeveloperConnect: from containers to Serverless computing

From Mumbai to Hyderbad to Bangalore

From Container Orchestration to Serverless Computing

From IBM Container service to IBM Bluemix Openwhisk

From creating actions to extending watson package actions using Openwhisk Sequences

Fron Kubernetes to IBM Watson

From track owner to speaker

I thoroughly enjoyed presenting and interacting with developers at IBM DeveloperConnect. Based on requests from attendees, I am adding the presentations + videos which I created for this event.

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Track 1:

Title: Love K8s?? Now, manage your containers with it on IBM Bluemix® Container Service

Earlier this year, IBM announced the integration of advanced container orchestration of Kubernetes into the IBM Bluemix Container Service. You can create your first Kubernetes cluster within minutes and flexibly manage dedicated cluster resources for both stateless (microservice) applications and stateful workloads.

Post – Getting started with Kubernetes on IBM Bluemix: The CLI Way



Track 2

Title: Look Ma, No Server! Go Serverless with IBM Bluemix OpenWhisk

OpenWhisk is an event-driven compute platform also referred to as Serverless computing or as Function as a Service (FaaS) that runs code in response to events or direct invocations.

Post – OpenWhisk: A Serverless platform to create and run event-driven apps that scale on demand

Presentations – Link

Hands-On lab

This 3-part series of posts helps you understand the in-depth features of Serverless Computing via OpenWhisk. OpenWhisk offers an easy way to chain services where an output of first action acts as an input to the second action and so on in a sequence.

OpenWhisk achieves the chaining of services via sequences on Bluemix. By the end of Part 3, You will be chaining Watson services and exposing the sequence as an REST API via OpenWhisk API Gateway.

Lab Instructions – Watson Service Chaining via OpenWhisk Sequence (Part 1 to Part 3)

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