WCF Questions

One of my Friend,A Solution Architect has asked these Questions so that i can understand the in depth concepts of WCF.Let’s find what the Questions are…. What are Volatile queues? When you send a message with no assurances, MSMQ only makes a best effort to deliver the message, unlike with Exactly Once assurances where MSMQ […]

JQuery POST Request to WCF service in ASP.NET MVC

One of my colleagues was fighting hard to display a list returned by a WCF service in an ASP.NET MVC3  Razor View.I tried few things and it worked out pretty good.Here is the outcome. JQuery Code is placed in the about.cshtml file [ASP.NET MVC 3 Razor View File]

Vidyasagar Machupalli Polyglot & Pragmatic Programmer […]