Sharepoint 2010 “Cannot connect to configuration database” issue

Sourabh has installed Sharepoint 2010 in his new (upgraded) machine and I started playing with that . After few days, i felt bored of using http://BanXXXX:portname and planned to rename it using Click SharePoint 2010 Management Shell.At the Windows PowerShell command prompt, type the following command: Rename-SPServer [-Identity] OriginalServerName -Name NewServerName Where: OriginalServerName is the original … Continue reading “Sharepoint 2010 “Cannot connect to configuration database” issue”

Runtime Vs Compile time Errors in C#

The difference between compile time and run time is an example of what pointy-headed theorists call thephase distinction. It is one of the hardest concepts to learn, especially for people without much background in programming languages. To approach this problem, I find it helpful to ask What invariants does the program satisfy? What can go … Continue reading “Runtime Vs Compile time Errors in C#”

Covariance and Contravariance FAQ

What are covariance and contravariance? In C#, covariance and contravariance enable implicit reference conversion for array types, delegate types, and generic type arguments.Covariance preserves assignment compatibility and contravariance reverses it. The following code demonstrates the difference between assignment compatibility, covariance, and contravariance. // Assignment compatibility. string str = “test”; // An object of a more … Continue reading “Covariance and Contravariance FAQ”


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