From Idea to Application in minutes – A Walkthrough

Whether you are a developer with an enterprise or a startup or a student having an idea and want to quickly evaluate by prototyping, IBM Cloud is the way to get started overriding the infrastructure overheads. Solve real problems by Building your applications with infrastructure, Watson, software, and services on the Bluemix cloud platform.

IBM® Bluemix® is IBM’s innovative cloud computing platform that combines platform as a service (PaaS) with infrastructure as a service (IaaS). Additionally, Bluemix has a rich catalog of cloud services that can be easily integrated with PaaS and IaaS to build business applications rapidly.

Bluemix has cloud deployments that fit your needs whether you are a small business that plans to scale, or a large enterprise that requires additional isolation. You can develop in a cloud without borders, where you can connect your private services to the public Bluemix services available from IBM. You and your team can access the apps, services, and infrastructure in Bluemix and use existing data, systems, processes, PaaS tools, and IaaS tools. Developers can tap into the rapidly growing ecosystem of available services and runtime frameworks to build applications using polyglot programming approaches.

Mobile Dashboard on Bluemix

Bluemix Mobile Dashboard

Bluemix provides various ways for you to run your apps, for example, Cloud Foundry and IBM® Bluemix® Container Service. Use IBM® Bluemix® Container Service to run Docker containers in a hosted cloud environment on Bluemix.

You can use IBM® Bluemix® OpenWhisk for distributed, event-driven computing. OpenWhisk runs application logic in response to events or direct invocations from web or mobile apps over HTTP.

You can use Bluemix Mobile services to incorporate pre-built, managed, and scalable cloud services into your mobile apps.

Recently, I was honored to present at IBM Cloud Innovation forum as part of OutThink tour 2016 on ” From Idea to Application in minutes – A Walkthrough” introducing IBM Cloud to top leaders and developers from MNCs and Startups.  The video is a testimony of how rapid and simple it is to translate your idea into an app using Bluemix as your cloud platform. It has an intro to a NodeJS application and Mobile app built without writing a single line of code.

On Stage:

A Closer Walkthrough:

From Idea to app in minutes – A Bluemix Walkthrough from Vidyasagar MSC on Vimeo.

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