Adding Watson Speech-to-Text to your Android App

This post is about injecting Watson Speech-to-Text into an Android native app. Speech-to-Text is available as a service on IBM Cloud i.e.., Bluemix. You will integrating the service available on Bluemix into our favourite chatbot “The WatBOT” using Watson Developer Android SDK with minimal lines of code. Why Watson Speech-to-Text? Vidyasagar Machupalli Polyglot & Pragmatic […]

OpenWhisk: A FaaS platform to create and run event-driven apps that scale on demand

OpenWhisk CLI

This blog post introduces you to Serverless computing, OpenWhisk (a serverless, open source cloud platform that executes functions in response to events at any scale) and guides you in getting started with OpenWhisk on IBM Bluemix. After writing a post on how to transform your idea into an app in minutes. I started thinking  how about the compute part of […]