GameHack Chat with Vidyasagar, Microsoft MVP (Gaming)

Chit-Chat with Shrey from Gaming Central on Gaming in India at Game Hack Launch by Reliance Games in association with Intel , Gaming Central etc Vidyasagar Machupalli Polyglot & Pragmatic Programmer • Developer Advocate, IBM • Microsoft MVP • Intel software Innovator • DZone MVB

Talk : Best Practices in Game Development

This December 14th, I was invited to present and talk on Best practices in Game Development at VideoGameFest by Dumadu Games. Here’s the Invite mailed to all the GameDev   I also spoke about performance optimization Tips and Tricks Catch my session -Best practices in Game Development at 7PM today at #VGFBengaluru #videogamefest #gamedev #mvpbuzz #fb— Vidyasagar Mac (@iAmVMac) December 14, 2014 My […]

Never ending love for ‘Game’ – A moment to cherish

“It all started a year and half ago”. These were the words which i spoke yesterday at TechEdIndia 2014. But my gaming life started at Microsoft DevCamps last november when i met Sandeep Alur and Ujjwal kumar – My Mentor,Guide and Guru. Their guidance and support is never forgetting. I should also thank each and everyone who […]

Functional Vs Imperative language paradigms

These days, i am in deep love with Microsoft’s F# language and Apple’s Swift language.F# on one side has picked the good parts from Functional languages like ML and oCaml + Imperative languages / Object-Oriented language like C#. Swift on the other end is a multi-paradigm languages picking language ideas from Objective-C, Rust, Haskell, Ruby, […]

LEVEL UP Ep .02 – Habitat’s Charles Cox, Founder of 4gency

// Level Up is a show devoted to game development. Each show will recap current news and events in gaming, deep dive with a game industry insider, and cover tips for programming or finding resources to help you with game construction. We would love to hear from you with feedback or suggestions for what you […]

C#,Web API : HTTP GET with a request body

Introduction : “This is impossible !!!!” . GET verb can take request parameters only from the query strings (name/value pairs) and it has a limitation in length. If the URL is too long, the web server fails with the 414 Request-URI Too Long HTTP status code. The only  alternative to pass a complex object or to […]